Senator Johnny Isakson Bids Farewell

December 5, 2019

On Tuesday, December 3rd, U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson was honored by nearly every member of the Senate as he ended his 40 year career in public life.

One after another, members of the Senate, Republican and Democrat, approached the microphone to say their goodbyes to Sen. Isakson and to lament about what an amazing person he is. The day was filled with tributes to Georgia's Senior Senator beginning with a luncheon for Sen. Isakson and his family. After Senators stood in line for a few hours to honor the nations only REALTOR member of Congress, Sen. Isakson took to the well to give his last speech on the Senator floor. To see that speech, click here.

The Georgia House delegation honored Sen. Isakson seperately on the floor of the U.S. House. A very special moment came during a tribute came from Congressman John Lewis. To view that tribute, click here.

While Tuesday was Senator Isakson's last day in the Senate, his official retirement will be December 31st. Governor Brian Kemp has appointed businesswoman Kelly Loeffler to serve the remainder of his term.

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